​Tangible Coding Toy for Children Aged 4-12

Tangiplay is a new generation of coding toys that encourages kids to learn as they play.

It is a collection of 12 robot toys that interact with an App on both iPad or Android Tablet.

Hi, We are Tangiplay.

Magic Wow Moments

A completely new way to interact with toys and tablets.

Kids control the toys instead of using fingers to play the games. When they press, slide, or rotate the robot, this translates into code that creates a unique response in the game.

Favorite Train Theme

The App games require kids to use their robots to build new railways, recharge the train, overcome obstacles, and send passengers to destinations.

Unique interaction between toys and app


Hold the robot and press on the tablet screen to start the adventure.


Press and slide on the tablet to switch function command.


Rotate the robot when starting a loop or condition command.

Coding Matters

Give the kids practice with computational and creative thinking while boosting their coding logic, sequencing, math exploration and problem-solving skills in a natural way.

Condition (2)

Purple toys could be used when they are facing an obstacle and try to solve it by different conditional judgment.

Loop (2)

Green toys will tell your children 
a 'loop' could save their time when the route or action is repeatable.

Sequencing (4)

Tab blue toys on the tablet screen, to control little robot move forward, build railways, recharge and use tools to overcome the obstacles.

Function (2)

Yellow toys could teach them how to make a shortcut in the puzzle and that is how 'function' command works.

App Game

More than 120 puzzles are waiting for kids to explore.

Abundant life elements allow kids to enjoy the fun of melting the ice, recharging the robot, switch the barrier...etc.


Tangible Coding

Tangiplay makes coding language touchable, enhancing their sensory learning with hand-on toys.

Start the little adventure now.


12 x Robot toys

20 x Emoji Face

1 x App (Free download)

*Tablet not included.


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